Made By Margaret Yap

Old Dutch Mushroom Ceramic Lamp 2


The old mushroom migrated from Netherland to Hindia, which now is called Indonesia. Growing old he grew fatter and lonely. The old Dutch Mushroom wanted to have children of his own, but he was too busy parasitizing on the root of a giant Banyan Tree, hence he overlooked the nature of a warm family. The old Dutch Mushroom then asked the gloomy Banyan Tree, “My dear old friend, do you happen to know how to get a child?” That Banyan Tree shook its intertwined trunks and grumbled in annoyance. Once again the old Dutch Mushroom voiced his question louder, “O mighty Banyan, have you any ideas of how to bring a child?” Yet once more the melancholic Banyan Tree waved its crown then stayed in irksome silence.

Light bulb and fitting included.

Dimension: Height 11cm (Without the bulb) | Length 22cm

Handmade by Margaret Yap

Stoneware fired at 1224°C

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