Ombak - Top White


Inspired by an intricate web of cotton gauze represents the delicate wave as it approaches the shore. It’s more than just an artistic piece; it’s an embodiment of hopes and desires. The ocean should be transparent, free of waste and pollution. The buttons on the back symbolize the interdependence of nature and humans. Along with the long for being one with nature, to be unified, intertwined.

Size chart: 

Small: Lenght= 30-51cm, Bust= 78-80cm

Medium: Lenght= 33-54cm, Bust= 84-87cm

Medium: Lenght= 36-57cm, Bust= 94-97cm

Fabric Material: GAUZE 80% COTTON 20%

Care Instruction:

We know you love our collections as much as we do. It’s recommend to washing when gets dirty or dry-clean in order for the color to last longer.

Use LERAK or BABY SHAMPOO, and avoid detergents, other chemical soaps. Wash it slowly with gentle hands, and don't put it in the machine! Let it dry naturally, and avoid direct sunlight when drying. Please avoid washing it frequently.

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