Porter Girl Miniatur 2 Way Shoulder Bag


A women's series that arranges items with military motifs selected from Yoshida Kaban's masterpieces in mini sizes.

The cow grained leather of the main body becomes more lustrous the more you use it, and it becomes soft and comfortable in your hands.
The parts are plated with genuine gold to create a glossy and elegant look.

The shoulder strap, which is common to all models, has a small pocket inspired by vintage military belts for storing small items such as lips and a small disinfecting spray bottle.
In addition, the leather charms with PORTER and PORTER GIRL engravings are based on the dog tags of the US and German forces, respectively.

Despite its compact size, it can easily fit a long wallet or smartphone. The storage opening can change the appearance of the bag depending on whether you use a drawstring or a snap button.

Diameter = 16cm

Height = 19cm





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