Porter PX Tanker 2 Way Tool Bag (S) - Iron Blue

MATERIAL : Nylon Twill (cotton bonding)
INNER : Nylon Taffeta
Made in JAPAN
※Male model:173cm
※Female model:161cm

2WAY tool bag (S) A purse-type shoulder bag that opens and closes the mouth with a drawcord. You can also access the main storage from the zipper on the side of the main body.
The handheld handle and shoulder strap for shoulder straps are removable.
The shoulder strap (CE STRAP) is an epoch-making shoulder strap that allows smooth adjustment with one action by sewing a combination of general parts and tape with original specifications.

You can easily adjust the length by moving the D-Rings on the tape up and down, which is a convenient function when you hang or lower your bag on your shoulder. In addition, a soft shoulder pad made of the same material as the bag is used for the part that hits the shoulder, making it a comfortable specification with less burden when hung.
Number of pockets Exterior: Hook-and-loop fastener pocket 2
Interior: 1 zipper pocket

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