Sejauh Mata Memandang

Rok Simpul Daur Biru


Hand Stamped

Both a skirt and a sarong at the same time, this Rok Sarung Simpul can make you feel properly dressed anytime during your day.

Lingkar Rok: 116 cm
Panjang Rok: 115 cm

Lingkar Rok: 124 cm
Panjang Rok: 118 cm

This product is a part of our Daur Collection in which we use our excess fabric from the production of our garments. It is our way to help reduce textile waste. Each items are unique, there will be some differences in motive placement and colour. The product that you will receive will not be exactly the same like the attached photos. Therefore, the return of our mask with the cause of not 'not similar to the picture' is not acceptable.

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